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Prolanthropy works with professional athletes to develop creative solutions to accomplish their philanthropic goals. Prolanthropy provides professional charity management and event management solutions.

We work with clients to develop their philanthropic visions, develop executable strategic roadmaps and manage operations. 

We are focused on providing our clients with exceptional service and the finest talent our industry has to offer. We are committed to developing strategic plans, first-class events and creative programs, which allow our clients to impact the lives of people in-need. Each program and event is created from the ground up based on our clients' individual goals and vision. 

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"I have been working with the team at Prolanthropy since 2002, and have the deepest level of trust in them. Any of their ideas, recommendations and thoughts, I value as much as my own."

- Matt Birk, Walter Payton Man of the Year Recipient

Matt Birk HIKE Foundation
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